Timber Truss - Geometry

Truss Type:
Out-to-out Span (ft.): ft. (0.0)
Pitch (x/12): /12
Overhang Left (in.): in.
TC Heel Depth Left (in.): in. [min.]
Overhang Right (in.): in.
TC Heel Depth Right (in.): in. [min.]
Top Chord Size (in.): in.
Bottom Chord Size (in.): in.
Web Size (in.): in.
Ply Thickness (in.): in.
Heel Height (in.): in.
Plate Width (in.): in.
Plate Thickness (in.): in.
Bolt Dia. (in.): in.
Bolt Spacing (in.): in.
Bolt Edge Dist. (in.): in. [plates]
Bolt End Dist. (in.): in. [timber]
No. Rows of Bolts:
No. Bolts per Row:
L1 (ft.): 0.0 ft. (0.0)
Truss Height (ft.): 0.0 ft. (0.0)

30-0-0 8-4-0 12 6



* Note: Not all details of truss are shown in this view: Bolt Hex Heads, Washers and Nuts.