Gambrel Attic - Geometry (Metric)

Truss Type:
Out-to-out Span (m): m (0.0)
Attic Height (mm): mm (0.0)
Lower Pitch (deg): deg.
Upper Pitch (deg): deg.
Overhang Pitch (deg): deg.
Overhang Left (mm): mm
Overhang Right (mm): mm
Top Chord Size (mm): mm
Bottom Chord Size (mm): mm
Web Size (mm): mm
Attic Wall Web Size (mm): mm
Attic Clg. Web Size (mm): mm
Ply Thickness (mm): mm
Max. Truss Height (m): m
Attic Width (m): 0.0 m (0.0)
L1 (m): 0.0 m (0.0)
L2 (m): 0.0 m (0.0)
Truss Height (m): 0.0 m (0.0)
30-0-0 19-4-1 15-6-15 12 24 12 6


* Note: Not all webs shown. Only webs required to define profile of truss and attic space are shown.