Planset Guarantee

Medeek Design guarantees your satisfaction with all our plans and they may be returned for refund according to our RETURN POLICY. Furthermore, Medeek Design guarantees all plansets will be acceptable by your building department for successful building permit review/approval, using the design parameters listed below, for the use intended, within the scope of information provided.

We design our plans to be useable in most US locations and not for areas with extreme or adverse environmental conditions.

Design Parameters:


Our Guarantee does not apply in the following circumstance

Medeek Design will provide immediate clarification or correction, if necessary, for the plansets, within the scope of information presented. Plansets may be returned for a full refund if they do not meet our guarantee, as stated, within 6 months of purchase date. Medeek Design shall be liable for no more than the original purchase price of the plansets provided.

Important Notes for Our Customers

It is important, before ordering plans, to check with your local Building Official and Zoning Dept. for requirements and restrictions regarding permit submittal for your proposed construction. You will need a site plan and, possibly, other information, in addition to the planset, for obtaining a building permit. Some states and localities may require the professional review and stamp of a locally licensed Engineer or Architect for all work drawings. California, Florida, New York, Washington and other coastal states may have beyond "normal" requirements for wind, seismic and snow conditions. Check with your local Building Official for local requirements.

Our plansets are sold one (1) construction use only. Repetitive use of the plansets is prohibited under current copyright laws unless specific written permission is provided by Medeek Design.

Please check all relevant dimensions before ordering plans. It is also recommended that building permit be obtained before commencing with any construction activities, including foundations and site excavation.

If you have any questions or concerns about our guarantee please contact us.

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